HVAC/R Training Institute

HVAC/R Training Institute

If you are interested in learning how to become a qualified heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) expert, this is a great place to start.

Discovering where the most highly recommended courses are available both in the real world and online is a powerful resource that is highly valuable as it is useful.

With the incremental and exponential growth of the Internet as a valuable and almost limitless source of knowledge, it has become the norm to get online and source just about any subject or piece of information you could need.

Often, finding the right courses or tuition for certain topics can be difficult with a lot of misleading claims and unqualified course tutoring clogging up the information highway.

For that reason, we have made it our business to narrow down your search for the right courses by providing you with top rated and highly recommended programs that are available online that are both affordable and of the correct calibre for you to take your studies to the right place at a pace that suits your individual learning capabilities.

Hands on Training

We believe that students can often learn more from working with their hands than reading a book and listening to a lecture.

We also believe that before a person can successfully work with his hands, he must know something about what he is attempting to do.

Therefore we use a combination of the two to give attention to theory, basic principles, safety procedures, etc., and the "shop" time is used to apply this knowledge. The desired result is a graduate who understands how and why something works, and has enough practical hands-on training to use this understanding in analyzing and solving any problems presented.

The HVAC/R Training Institute in its original incarnation was a vocational school dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals. At this Institute students were able to learn repair and terminology of domestic and commercial heating, AC and refrigeration systems.

We believe that classroom instruction and hands on training is the best way to learn. After that, getting out into the field and gaining experience in a real world situation is then the best way forward.

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